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AZENet Board of Directors


Jenny McCullough Cosgrove, MSW

Independent Evaluation Consultant, Noesis Consulting, LLC


Jenny McCullough Cosgrove practices as an independent consultant in Arizona and across the U.S.A. Beginning her career in the field of cognitive psychology, she transitioned to a larger systems focus of practice in program evaluation and community-based research. Jenny’s passion is to use evaluation to advance inclusion and equity.


Scott Swagerty, Ph.D.
Methodologist, Office of the Arizona Auditor General

Dr. Scott Swagerty presently serves as the methodologist for the Office of the Arizona Auditor General. In this role, he provides technical support to performance audit teams in the areas of research design, data analysis, sampling methods, and statistical modeling. Prior to this role, he worked in the Department of Institutional Research at Rio Salado College and as Graduate Teaching Associate at Arizona State University. Dr. Swagerty’s expertise is in quantitative methodologies, including predictive modeling and Bayesian statistics. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Arizona State University in 2015.

Immediate Past President

Wendy L. Wolfersteig, Ph.D, Director of Evaluation and Partner Contracts
Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center
Arizona State University

Dr. Wendy L. Wolfersteig serves as Director of Evaluation and Partner Contracts at the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center at Arizona State University.  For 18 years, her work in substance abuse prevention and evaluation in Arizona have focused on the use of effective evidence-based strategies and data-driven decision-making. She leads her team in working collaboratively with state, county, city and local partners to design and perform evaluations, provide training, and disseminate findings aimed at preventing, reducing, and eliminating health disparities. Dr. Wolfersteig serves as a member (former chair) of the Arizona Substance Abuse Epidemiology Work Group. She is a faculty associate in the School of Social Work at ASU, and an adjunct associate professor in the College of Business at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide.

Vice President of Administration

Nicole Huggett, MSW, CPHQ, Director of Performance Outcomes
CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness, Inc.

Nicole Huggett, MSW, is the Director of Performance Outcomes for CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness. This role requires the identification and tracking of key performance indicators for several programs within the nonprofit, and leading related performance improvement projects. Prior to joining CODAC, she worked as a consultant in evaluation, research, and strategic planning for non-profits and government programs. She completed a Masters of Social Work at Arizona State University in 2011, and she is also a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. Nicole’s passion is employing best practice design principles in data visualization to increase the utilization of data among clinicians, with the ultimate goal of improving patient experience and outcomes while ensuring efficient operations.

Vice President of Budget and Finance

Maria Aguilar-Amaya, Ph.D, Research Analyst
Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center
Arizona State University

Dr. Maria Aguilar-Amaya has over 20 years of experience having served in the Arizona Judiciary in various capacities. She currently serves as a research analyst at Arizona State University. Her experience includes qualitative and quantitative research design, evaluation, survey design, projections, cost savings analysis, facilitating strategic planning sessions and focus groups, and mentoring. Dr. Aguilar-Amaya possesses the following certifications: Real Colors facilitator by the National Curriculum & Training Institute, Court Management Program by the National Center for State Courts and the Arizona Court Managers Program, as an advanced public speaker by Achieve Global, and as a motivational interviewing facilitator. Dr. Aguilar-Amaya possesses a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice with a minor in Communications, a Masters in Organizational Management, and a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership. She has served as President for the Arizona Evaluation Network, on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Courts Association, and on the Governor's Office Substance Abuse Epidemiology Work Group.

External Communications Chair

Deven Wisner, MS, Principal Consultant
Wisner Analytics, LLC

Deven Wisner, M.S., is trained in applied psychology, with concentrations in evaluation research, and industrial-organizational psychology. His 9-5 role is managing human capital and business analytics for a legal services company, Global Registration Services, Inc., located in Tucson, Arizona. By night, Deven is a consultant focused on bringing data and research based decision making into a variety of organizations. Proudly, he identifies as a “dataviz” nerd and enjoys storytelling through infographics. Deven’s research interests are in evaluation methods and approaches, as well as interpersonal effectiveness among evaluators and stakeholders.

Membership Recruitment Chair

Nicole J. Janich, MSW, Ph.D
Research Specialist Senior, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
College of Public Service and Community Solutions, Arizona State University


Nicole Janich completed her PhD in 2017. Prior to that, she graduated from Chestnut Hill College in 2009 with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work at Arizona State University in 2012. She is currently a Research Specialist Senior at the Center for Applied for Behavioral Health Policy in Arizona State University and has worked on multiple research and evaluation projects related to criminal justice, behavioral health, and healthcare integration.

Professional Development Chair

Roseanne C. Schuster, Ph.D, MSC
Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning (MEL) Practice and Innovation
Global Impact Collaboratory, Arizona State University


Roseanne Schuster is a global nutrition and public health professional dedicated to increasing the impact of research and programming through innovative, cost-effective, and culturally responsive monitoring, evaluation, and learning. She has a decade of experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs seeking to improve health and environmental and social wellbeing. Roseanne engages community-based, participatory, and implementation science approaches in interventions and evaluations to ensure programs are ultimately responsive to target populations and adaptive to the complex systems in which they operate.

Roseanne's research focuses on improving delivery of critical health services in low-resource settings, uptake of health care among vulnerable populations, and understanding of how food and water insecurity shape infant and young child feeding and growth. She has led interventions, evaluations, and indicator development activities in multiple countries, with long-term expertise in Mozambique and sub-Saharan Africa.

Resource Development Chair


Regional Cluster Chairs

AZENet is seeking individual(s) interested in serving as Regional Cluster Chairs/Co-Chairs throughout the state! We currently have clusters active in Phoenix and Tucson. We welcome the development of clusters in other locations.

Phoenix Region Chair

Paul Bergelin, MA, Senior Performance Auditor

Office of the Arizona Auditor General


In this capacity, he leads teams in evaluating how well state agencies achieve their objectives established by the Legislature and manage their resources in an effective, economical, and efficient manner. His audits have evaluated and made recommendations for improving the financial sustainability of the state's two largest public pension plans, promoting more oversight for a statewide K-3 reading program, and enhancing the strategic planning and evaluation processes for efforts that the state's three public universities have undertaken to improve their undergraduate student retention and graduation rates. Paul holds a Master's degree in history with a focus on southwestern water policy from Arizona State University

Tucson Region Chair

Michel Lahti, Ph.D, CEO

LeCroy & Milligan Associates


Dr. Lahti has an extensive background in program evaluation, organizational development and the provision of educational services including over 25 years of experience working with local, regional and state non-profit and public agencies. He has overseen the implementation of various types of evaluation activities including randomized trials, survey projects using both quantitative and qualitative methods, quasi-experimental designs to measure program outcomes, and numerous types of needs assessments to inform community groups and or state level policy making bodies. Dr. Lahti’s data analysis skills include both parametric and nonparametric methods, survival analysis, propensity scoring and qualitative data analysis using both emergent and defined approaches to coding. Dr. Lahti also has experience in facilitating partnerships that bring together program leaders, clients and researchers in order to learn from each other how best to improve program outcomes. He also has experience in facilitating and evaluating the work of community based coalitions. Dr. Lahti has consulted extensively with agencies on the design, selection and implementation of performance measurement and management systems that result in more effective program management and monitoring. He has also designed and taught both in person and distance educational activities as a graduate school level professor. He is the CEO of LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Inc. an evaluation services firm located in Tucson, Arizona. He lives in Tucson with his wonderful wife and they have five children. 
Local Affiliate Collaborative Representative

Allison Titcomb

Allison L. Titcomb, Ph.D., serves as Associate Vice President for Community Development at the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. She oversees grant-supported programming in early childhood, regional coordination, and other community development work.  She provides leadership, facilitation and management support for the First Focus on Kids Early Childhood Coalition, the Kindergarten Readiness Change Network for the Cradle to Career Partnership, one of the national Strive Together communities.. Allison also owns ALTA Consulting, LLC., and works with local programs, community-based organizations and non-profits, foundations and coalitions in strategic planning and evaluation.  Allison completed her bachelor's and Ph.D. at the University of Arizona.  Her graduate work in Educational Psychology included memory and decision making across the lifespan and Evaluation Methods. She has certifications in Human Systems Dynamics, Cognitive Coaching, Mediation, Facilitation, and Strengths-based career assessments.

Past Presidents of AZENet

2017  Wendy Wolfersteig
2016  Michele Schmidt
2015  Maria Aguilar-Amaya
2014  Michel Lahti
2013  Cassandra O'Neill & Amy Ashley
2012  Lenay Dunn
2011  Cassandra O'Neill
2010  Shelly Potts
2009  Lois Sayrs
2006-2008  Michelle Anderson
2005  John Vivian
2003-2004  Rick Duran & Ric Wood
2002  Allison Titcomb
2001  Steve Powers
2000  Craig LeCroy & Heather Campbell  
1999  Barbara Nienstedt
1998  Dennis Palumbo
1997  BJ Tatro
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