Call for Nominations for AZENet Board of Director Positions

  • April 10, 2018
  • Submit nominations via email
AZENet is seeking nominations for Board of Director positions

The membership will elect the President-Elect and Vice President of Budget and Finance at the AZENet Annual Membership Meeting/Conference on Friday 4/13/2018. The Board is also looking to fill appointed positions: Membership Recruitment Chair, Resource Development Chair, Professional Development Chair, and Regional Cluster Chairs. See position descriptions below.

Nominations Process
You may nominate yourself or a committed AZENet colleague to the Nominating Committee for any elected and/or appointed position. Please email nominations to
Michele Schmidt at Nominations should include: contact information for nominee; position(s) desired; nominee statement of interest in serving in the position; and nominee resume or CV. Nominees must be current AZENet members. Please submit nominations by Monday April 2, 2018.

Qualifications and Time Commitment

Any AZENet member who is in good standing with the organization (AZENet) is eligible for nomination. Members shall represent all contingents of the membership population, including diverse disciplines, geographic, and ethnic diversity.

The AZENet Board meets monthly for a 1-hour conference call. In-person meetings are typically held twice a year in place of conference calls and last 3-4 hours. An in-person Annual Membership Meeting takes place once a year, and is typically held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. 

Board members serve without compensation, but may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
Board members shall be compliant with
AZENet by-laws and amendments.

Elected Positions Open in 2018
AZENet members will vote for elected positions during the Annual Membership Meeting/Conference on 4/13/2018. At this meeting, ballots will be cast by members, and Board members will collect, tabulate, and announce the results.

President-Elect - This position is a (1) one-year term with a (3) three-year commitment, beginning on April 13, 2018. This position transitions to the President in year 2 and Immediate Past President in year 3. The President-Elect is responsible for:
  • Planning the Annual Meeting/Conference;
  • Coordinating with regional groups for workshops;
  • Chairing the Strategic Planning Committee and reporting on activities; and
  • Assuming the duties of the President in their absence, resignation, or incapacity.

Vice President for Budget and Finance - This position is a (2) two-year term, beginning on April 13, 2018. The VP of Budget and Finance is responsible for:
  • Collecting membership dues and event registration fees;
  • Handling and maintaining financial documents and bank accounts;
  • Filing financial statements and paying taxes owed by AZENet;
  • Sending invoices and paying authorized bills; and
  • Providing a monthly report to the Board of Directors.

Appointed Positions Open in 2018
The AZENet Board also has open appointed positions, which do not require a vote at the Annual Membership Meeting. Appointed Chairs shall serve a (1) one-year term. Open appointed positions include:

Membership Recruitment Chair
- This position is responsible for:
  • Recruiting new members;
  • Maintaining membership and other mailing lists;
  • Assisting the VP of Administration in updating member records; and
  • Appointing and chairing Committees, as necessary.

Professional Development (PD) Chair - This position is responsible for:
  • Identifying and planning for membership PD opportunities;
  • Assisting the President-Elect in planning the Annual Conference; and
  • Appointing and chairing Committees, as necessary.

Resource Development Chair - This position is responsible for:
  • Soliciting funds for AZENet;
  • Developing a (5) five-year plan for the development of major financial resources for AZENet;
  • Securing scholarships for members; and
  • Appointing and chairing Committees, as necessary.

Regional Cluster Chair(s) - AZENet is seeking individual(s) interested in serving as Regional Cluster Chair/Co-Chair in Tucson and Phoenix, as well as other locations throughout the state. Cluster Chairs are responsible for:
  • Planning and implementing at least four (4) local activities in their region, within a (12) twelve-month period;
  • Maintaining and submitting records/reimbursement requests for AZENet funds spent to promote and host Cluster events; and
  • Appointing and chairing Event Planning Committees, as needed;
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