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AZENet Board of Directors


Shawn M. Donnelly, MA

Director, Organizational Development & Learning, Council on Foundations

Shawn Donnelly serves as the Director of Organizational Development & Learning at Council on Foundations, a nonprofit membership association that serves as a guide for philanthropies as they advance the greater good. Before joining Council on Foundations, Shawn served as the Strategic Learning Officer at Virginia G Piper Charitable Trust and as a Senior Researcher evaluating college access programs at Northern Arizona University. He is driven by his passion to make learning accessible and actionable within the nonprofit sector. He has called Arizona home since 2015, and happily lives in Phoenix with his partner and two dogs. He has served on the board of AZENET since 2018 and holds a master’s degree in community-social psychology from the University of Massachusetts.

President-Elect (Accepting Nominations)

Immediate Past President

Nicole Janich, MSW, PhD
Research Specialist Principal, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

Dr. Nicole Janich has worked at the Arizona State University’s (ASU) Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (CABHP) for nine years. She currently serves as Research Specialist Principal overseeing the CABHP Research and Evaluation team. Nicole earned her PhD in Social Work from ASU with a dissertation focus on integrated care in behavioral health settings and implementation challenges of integrated care. Over the past nine years, her work as a researcher has largely been in the field of Implementation Science. Specifically, implementation of evidence-based practices in health care and behavioral health settings. Additionally, much of her work and interests include engaging in community-embedded research working alongside providers using participatory methods to conduct evaluations and assist with the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBP). Outside of her work at the CABHP, Nicole has taught graduate level classes related to research, evaluation, and social policy, and currently serves as the Immediate Past President for the Arizona Evaluation Network Board. Nicole chooses to serve on the Board of AZENET to connect evaluators statewide and share resources.

Vice President of Administration

Holly Starr, MSW

Data Equity Coordinator, Arizona Department of Health Services

Holly Starr is the VP of Administration. She has a Masters in Social Work and works as the Data Equity Coordinator at the Arizona Department of Health Services. Her work focuses on community engagement to identify and carry out activities that improve the way that data is used within the health department to address health inequities.

Vice President of Budget and Finance (Accepting nominations)

Phil Stoeklen, M.S.

Partner, Viable Insights

Phil is a Partner at Viable Insights, an evaluation and organizational development consulting firm located in Tucson, AZ. Phil is trained in applied psychology, with concentrations in evaluation research, health promotion and disease prevention, and industrial-organizational psychology. His primary expertise is in the context of educational program evaluation and community needs assessment research, though his interests span several domains, including: epidemiology, environmental conservation, and social justice and human rights work. 

My "why": I've been an AZENet member for a few years now, and for more than two of those years I was a resident of Wisconsin. It was only in the past year that I finally made the decision to call Arizona my home, and move to Tucson. This decision was in no small part related to the evaluation community I have come to know through interactions with the network, and my decision to run for a board position was directly linked to my desire to be more involved in this community, and to get to know more of the wonderful change agents that make AZENet so great.

External Communications Co-Chairs

Martha Franquemont, MPP

Strategy Data Analyst, Arizona Department of Economic Security


Martha Franquemont is Communications Co-Chair for 2022-2023. She has a MPP from Arizona State University and is the Strategy Data Analyst for the Division of Child Care at the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Her work focuses on data analysis, performance measurement, and evaluation to support the Division's leadership team in strategic planning and data-driven decision-making.

Eileen Eisen-Cohen

Faculty, Arizona State University School of Public Affairs

Eileen Eisen-Cohen is a faculty for the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University where she teaches courses in public management, politics, leadership, and program evaluation. She has a background in public health and led the Maricopa County Department of Public Health to earn their Public Health Accreditation. She is a program evaluator and has led work teams, community partners, and stakeholders in local and statewide initiatives.

Membership Recruitment Chair

Devina Wadhera, PhD

Program Manager - Evaluator, Arizona Department of Health Services

Devina Wadhera is the Membership Recruitment Chair.  She has a PhD in psychology from Arizona State University and is very passionate about research, data analytics and insights.  Her primary research interests are in improving dietary behaviors in children and adults. She is currently the principal program evaluator for the WIC program at Arizona Department of Health Services.

Professional Development Chair 

Sarah Yeo

Evaluator, University of Arizona

Sarah Yeo is Professional Development Chair for 2022-2023. She has spent the last decade working in international development as an evaluator. Her professional interests include health equity, global health, and monitoring and evaluation.

Tucson Regional Co-Chairs

Kendra Thompson-Dyck, PhD

Manager of Assessment & Research, University of Arizona

Kendra Thompson-Dyck serves as AZENet Tucson Region Co-Chair.  As Manager of Assessment & Research at the University of Arizona, she conducts institution-wide data collection and assessment to improve student experiences and outcomes.  Kendra enjoys translating quantitative, qualitative, and spatial analysis into useful data-insights. She holds degrees in Sociology from the University of Arizona (MA, PhD) and a BA in Communication from Seattle Pacific University. 

Michel Lahti

Senior Evaluation Associate, LeCroy & Milligan Associates

Michel Lahti is a Senior Evaluation Associate at LeCroy & Milligan Associates and his current work focuses on evaluating programs in human services, education and adult protective services.

Regional Chairs for Phoenix, Flagstaff and Yuma (Accepting nominations)

Past AZENet Presidents

2021  Nicole Janich

2020  Deven Wisner
2019  Scott Swagerty
2018  Jenny McCullough Cosgrove
2017  Wendy Wolfersteig
2016  Michele Schmidt
2015  Maria Aguilar-Amaya
2014  Michel Lahti
2013  Cassandra O'Neill & Amy Ashley
2012  Lenay Dunn
2011  Cassandra O'Neill
2010  Shelly Potts
2009  Lois Sayrs
2006-2008  Michelle Anderson
2005  John Vivian
2003-2004  Rick Duran & Ric Wood
2002  Allison Titcomb
2001  Steve Powers
2000  Craig LeCroy & Heather Campbell  
1999  Barbara Nienstedt
1998  Dennis Palumbo
1997  BJ Tatro

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